We’re efficient, friendly and careful removalists, experienced in helping you move house with the minimum of stress.

Take all the stress out of moving! Let us do your packing for you!

Get back to work sooner with Platinum Office Removals.
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Platinum Removals offers you a great deal for all your moving and removals services!

We charge on an hourly rated system so that you only pay for the work that you need from our removalists! Add and remove additional services as you require so that you can manage the budget and the final removal price that appears on the bill!

Do check with our consultants about what other services we can provide you and how to best plan out the removal services you receive.

When it comes to moving and removals for your home, Platinum Removals understands who difficult things can be to coordinate the kids and the parents and all the different rooms of the house!

Let our professional removalists take some of that weight off your shoulders both figuratively and literally! We’ll help you plan and carry out a flawless house removal so that you can take things easy!

Sit back and relax, and let us do the heavy lifting!

If you’re looking for a solution to your office moving and removals, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve also handled some of the biggest office removals in Sydney with over 20 removalists assigned to get things shifted and installed in new premises over a weekend!

We can provide you with the same professional service from planning to executing a large scale move and minimize the down time for your business!

Platinum Removals wants you to experience just how comprehensive a moving and removals package can be now that we offer you self storage options for your home items!

When you’re undertaking a move, there are lots of items that need to be kept safely out of the way while you are settling your family into your new home. We give you the opportunity to keep these items conveniently in a safe and secure storage container all at the same time that you’re executing the big move!

We’ll come to your premises and help you load up the storage unit and keep your precious belongings at our storage warehouse until you need them back again! All you need to do is let us know how many storage units you need and we’ll take care of the rest!

Anything can happen on moving day. Even with the best laid plans, there are some situations that we can’t control, like bad weather, last minute changes from facilities management and even (heaven forbid) the lift breaking down! While we are doing our best to make sure nothing affects the items you have entrusted to us, you can take control of the situation by getting comprehensive content insurance to make sure that your items are safe and secure no matter what might occur.

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What To Expect on Moving Day

When it’s time to move, Platinum Removals will send over a specially assigned team leader who will help you to manage and coordinate all the activities associated with removals on moving day!

Along with our reliable fleet of vehicles, we have plenty of tools and tricks in our bag to give you the peace of mind that things will get done.

These include protective padding and blankets to protect your chairs, tables and cupboards, straps to lock down loose articles, plastic wrap and bags for extra protection of the material on upholstered items, trolleys and pulleys facilitate moving your things through your home and of course all these items are handled by our skilled and qualified removalists to ensure that each item is treated with the care and delicacy that is required.

Our removalists have access to an immense arsenal of tools for assembling and dismantling as well as an array of boxes for all sorts of items! Our stash of boxes range from portable wardrobe boxes with attached bars for easy packing of handing clothes to plasma crates for flat screen televisions that need the extra bit of care.
You can also trust that our removalists are well trained to handle all sorts of situations – you can leave headboards, bookshelves and even trampolines to them to pack safely for transportation, and of course challenging circumstances like narrow staircases and navigating funny-shaped objects and even bad weather and just-too-small elevators!

At the end of the day, we’ll make sure that your items are safely brought into your new home – furniture is neatly arranged in your living room, boxes are set down in their respective rooms for unpacking and we’ll even clean up before we leave!

Platinum Removals can be booked on an hourly rated system so that while you have access to our professional service, you can manage your budget by controlling how long you need us!

Just tell us what you need us to handle on moving day and we’ll take care of it!

Let us handle the more difficult aspects of the move while you take care of the administration, or opt for our full service and sit back while we handle everything from start to finish – the choice is yours!