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Large Premium (Tea Chest Printed Box) 431 x 406 x 596mm $3.00
Standard Premium (Crystal Printed Box) 403 x 301 x 330mm $2.00
Porta Robe with Metal Hanger $20.00
Picture Cartons 775x75x1040 mm $15.00
Packing Tape $4.00
Bubble Wrap Roll 500 mm x 50m $30.00
Bubble Wrap Roll 500 mm x 100m $50.00
Packing Paper 5kg $25.00
Packing Paper 15kg $50.00

*A $50 delivery fee applies for suburbs over 15 km from our depots:

Sydney: 87-103 Epsom Road Rosebery 2018 NSW

Melbourne: 167-169 Cremorne St, Cremorne 3121 VIC

Alternatively you can pick up from: (Sydney only)

  • 87-103 Epsom Road Rosebery 2018 NSW
  • 67 Birriga Road Bellevue Hill 2023 NSW


  • The art of packing art

    Because it sits out of the way on a wall, minding its own business, art is often the last thing to get packed. Not all art pieces will fit in a box, which makes for peculiar packing. Arm yourself with the right boxes, bubble wrap, tape and markers. If your art has glass fronting, you’ll need to get the balance right between packing it firmly enough to protect the glass, but not so firmly as to damage the frame.

  • Pack with adequate materials

    Basically, the tools in your moving line-up are tape, a tape gun, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing cartons and a trusty permanent marker. Choosing the right tape isn’t that easy. Just because it’s sticky, doesn’t mean it sticks. Sticky tape is not packaging tape so make sure it’s wide and strong. Also, knowing what material to wrap what items in will give you a great head start. Newspaper’s handy but if you’re adverse to reading yesterday’s news on your white plates, stick with packing paper. If you’re time poor or you’ve got your hands tied juggling kids, pets and a myriad of logistics then let our Platinum Removals & Storage team help you. Our team of professional removalists are packing proteges. We use purpose designed boxes for moving as well as protective pads to ensure your furniture is safeguarded and can stand up to any bumps and bangs while in transit.

  • All boxes aren’t created equal

    If there’s anything our team knows, it’s that there is such thing as a bad box. Using a quality box can mean the difference between your breakables making it to the other end in one or many pieces, which is why we only supply high-quality packing material to our clients. When it comes to boxes, size matters – bigger is not always better. Don’t squeeze maximum items into the box because if it’s not packed right and weighs more than it should, the chances of breakage are higher. Using streamlined box sizes makes for more efficient stacking, helps protect your things and makes packing the truck faster.

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