Need packing material for your home or office furniture removals in Sydney?

When you book your furniture removals or office move with us, we can supply and deliver a wide range of boxes and packing materials to suit all your moving needs. Any boxes that have not been used are taken back on Move Day and are not charged for. At the end of your move, once you have finished unpacking, we can collect your used boxes and we provide a partial refund for them.

Items that need extra protection such as bubble wrapping or shrink wrapping cost respectively $3 and $1 per metre.


Book Cartons (small box) 420x320x360 mm $3.50 each

Standard Carton (large box) 435x410x600 mm $5.00 each

Bubble Sheets (large roll)10 sheets $25.00 per roll

Picture Cartons 775x75x1040 mm $10.00 each

Porta Robe with Metal Hanger

475x600x1100 mm $25.00 each

Packing Paperappro x 100 sheets $10.00 per roll

Tape75 metres long $5.00 each

* Prices subject to change

Pick a labelling system and use it consistently. You can either colour code your belongings based on the rooms at your destination (bedroom red; living room: blue, etc.) or label the boxes with consistent shorthand to denote their location (DR for dining room, MBR for master bedroom, etc.).

If possible, boxes should be labelled on 3 sides. Fragile boxes should be clearly labelled as fragile.

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